About Us

CampusTech left with a vision and mission of giving a quality software tools for improving or enhancing the educational institutions functionality way back in 2011. It has experienced various evolution process because of evolving condition. We bring along with us 4 years of experience and with over 1000+ customers, we are the pioneer and the leader in the school management system. Our management system builds an efficient ERP for better accounting of man, money and material of the school thus guaranteeing consistent communication between the patners of the school, such as parents, teachers, principal and management. Today we set the benchmark in this segment since our system has experienced a development of 4 years and as yet developing through the evolving technology, functionality, different devices and advanced clients.

The Campus Tech is powered with an extraordinary group working under the wonderful management for more noteworthy development story. They work with a straightforward point of seeing the "smile on the face of client". The whole group of Campus Tech is endeavoring to draw out the best solution that addresses the issues of tomorrow and this framework made awesome achievement in different conspicuous schools of the nation throughout the years. Our customer represents our quality of product, services and retention. We have a specialized team operates from different areas for smooth and effective working of our system.

The group trusts that "focus, dedication and responsibility" are the three wheels of the 'successor achievement' journey. Today they can assemble a group of fulfilled clients and their services are appraised the best by numerous. The genuine and straightforward approach is exceptionally accepted by the greater part of the schools and few have left their journey with Campus Tech, was cheerfully returned back.

We focus on the uninspiring and time consuming aspects of education, leaving the school management and the academic staff to concentrate on what they do the best-Imparting Education!

• High performance in normal broadband
• Stringent security and data privacy
• Guaranteed availability (99 percent uptime)
• Disaster recovery with data replication servers
• Reduced need for IT staff.

We Offer a Full Range of Digital Marketing Services!

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The expectations of online clients are at all-time high and impressing consumers in the digital domain is not an easy task. Digital Marketing is a convenient, helpful and powerful marketing technique because of its low expenses, and broad reach. With correct Internet know-how, a business can use the online landscape to its most extreme. Marketing is a challenging field and if done accurately or correctly can do wonders for a business yet it has its flip side too.